Our Services:

Our Array of HR services, these are our standard services area involving such as:

1. Local Recruitment Services (contract term)/ Direct/ Outsource:

1.1 Understanding the needs of client
1.2 Workers will be parked under Recruitment Link headcount
1.3 Recruitment exercises based on client’s needs (within the state/outstation)
1.4 Preparation of all the logistical arrangements
1.5 Lodging (conforming to EICC & Apple standards)
1.6 Payroll and welfare management
1.7 A management team assigned to the project to manage workers grievances

2. Outsourcing Services:

2.1 Understanding the needs of the client
2.2 Liaison with source country agents
2.3 Arrange for face to face interview in source country with candidates
2.4 Preparation of documents for shortlisted candidates
2.5 Submission and processing of all documents and work permit
2.6 Arrangement of the arrival of workers including clearance
2.7 Lodging (conforming to EICC & Apple standards)
2.8 Transportation services
2.9 Payroll and welfare management
2.10 A management team assigned to the project to manage workers grievances

3. Supplying Of Foreign Workers and Management Service:

3.1 Prepare & Submit application for JTK/KDN Approval
3.2 Liaise with Ooverseas agent for supply, recruitment & obtain entry visa for workers
3.3 Prepare and submit application of calling visa from immigration Department
3.4 Arrange Port of Entry Clearance and transportation from port of entry to workplace.
3.5 Obtain work permit pass from Immigration upon arrival
3.6 Providing advice and act as a mediator in handling worker’s counseling
3.7 Work Permit (PLKS) Renewal.
3.8 Immigration “Special Pass” application
3.9 Passport Endorsement/ Extension of Passport
3.10 FOMEMA medical examination
3.11 Insurance administration
3.12 Check out memo

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